Mystery Rangers Insider Form

Welcome to Mystery Rangers Insider! To join, click Here, and simply fill the form. Then, in the comments, either Ranger Kim or Kid Reporter Kaylee will welcome you as an official MYSTERY RANGERS INSIDER MEMBER!!!!!

Join the fun soon!

- Kid Reporter Kaylee

*Note* Some things posted in the form may be posted online, such as favorite color or favorite food. However, we will not post things like whether you are a christian or not, or any other personal things in the form.

4 Responses to Mystery Rangers Insider Form

  1. kimgjones says:

    Welcome Mystery Rangers Buster! You are are first official member to sign up!

    Keep investigating,
    Kid Reporter Kaylee and Ranger Kim ;)

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  3. kimgjones says:

    Welcome Mystery Ranger Jen! So glad to have you as an official Mystery Rangers Insider Member! I love pizza too! I’m glad you enjoyed solving the puzzles with Ranger Jack and Jen! (:

    Keep investigating
    Ranger Kim (Kim Jones)

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