Mystery Rangers Fun Zone

Welcome to the Mystery Ranger Fun Zone!

The Adventure Begins!

Mystery Rangers: The Case of the Missing Mountain has just been released!  Here are some of our first “soon-to-be”      Mystery Rangers!

Roma & Lily will make great Mystery Rangers! They are really focusing on the mysteries!          Way to go girls!  You make great detectives!

Mystery Ranger Update! Some new Mystery Rangers have shared pics from their adventures with the “Volcano-On-The-Go” activity!

Forming the Volcano

Bubble, fizzle, clean fun!

You are never too young to appreciate a volcano!

Thank you new Mystery Rangers – Ranger Joe (7th grade) Ranger Hamburger (4th grade) Ranger Princess (2nd grade) and future Ranger Baby Bubbly for sharing your fun pics with us!

Future Mystery Ranger Buster about to embark on discovering the secrets behind The Case of the Missing Mountain

Future Mystery Ranger Buster decoding clues to solve the mystery of The Case of the Missing Mountain!

Mystery Ranger Update!

Future Mystery Ranger Buster has shared some pictures for the Fun Zone!

We love your Mystery Ranger Hat!




Soon to be – Mystery Ranger William!

Soon to be Mystery Ranger William has “flipped” over The Case of the Missing Mountain! Digging into the secret codes to solve the Mt. St. Helens’ Mysteries, future Ranger William will soon complete the course and be official! Keep up the great work future Ranger William! (:

Mystery Ranger


Mystery Ranger Laney LaQuinn had a “Blast” designing a volcano model for “The Warrior’s Volcano” activity. Way to go Mystery Ranger Laney LaQuinn! That’s an awesome looking volcano!

* We would love to post your fun Mystery Ranger picture on this page! To get your Mystery Ranger Picture posted on the  Fun Zone, first post your picture on The Nature Tour Facebook Page.  It will then be transferred to the fun zone. Be sure to give yourself a Mystery Ranger name to go with the picture. (We prefer to use Mystery Ranger names on this page!)

4 Responses to Mystery Rangers Fun Zone

  1. Mary Jo says:

    This is an awesome book! I just finished writing a review for it on my blog:

  2. Haelie says:

    Future Mystery Ranger Buster says he likes his pics on here a lot! Times 100 to be exact. ;)

    • kimgjones says:

      Yeah Future Mystery Ranger Buster! We are so glad you shared the pictures! We hope you enjoy the adventure!

      Mystery Rangers Jen and Jack

  3. Sheri says:

    This is really awesome! Kim you have done a spectacular job. GO MYSTERY RANGERS!!! Woohoo!

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