the Case of the Missing Mountain

the Case of the Missing Mountain


An action-packed mystery that provides explosive fun and stimulating activities!

  • Filled with secret codes to solve, mazes to wander through, crossword puzzles to decipher, and much more, a child becomes a detective in search of answers
  • An entertaining and informative way to teach children about young Earth creation concepts
  • Uses a mix of activities and research to unveil the mystery of Mount St. Helens and how it revealed powerful evidences for Creation

The book is filled with assorted activities that will both fascinate and inform kids. Using the spark of curiosity, it provides a unique way of getting children to think about the power of God in the world.  This amazing book also gives adults a means to interact with their children or students in order to help them understand how the Flood was more than able to reshape the world at the time of Noah.

Start exploring the Case of the Missing Mountain now! Click here for a Look Inside the book and watch the video below.

18 Responses to the Case of the Missing Mountain

  1. Melody Scott says:

    I love your idea for this book and the series! It sounds wonderful and I will certainly be picking up a copy for my own boys to read. Can’t wait to read it!

    • kimgjones says:

      Thanks for the encouragement Melody! The book should be out soon — hopefully in the next few weeks! It has been really fun to write! Hope your boys enjoy it! (:

      Have a wonderful day!

  2. Bill says:

    Hi Kim, re the Mt St helens photo on Flickr, pls drop me a note at the e-mail address
    shown. Regards.

  3. Liz Winterburn says:

    Hi Kim,
    The books sound great, looking forward to them. Will they be available in the UK?

    • kimgjones says:

      Hi Liz! Thanks for the encouragement! Do you get Amazon in the uk? It will be available there. If not, I’ll check with my publisher to see where you might be able to get it. The book is scheduled to be out in a week or two. Hope you have a wonderful day!


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  6. Holly says:

    I love this activity book. I am learning so much myself and our two daughters love to do it. We were stumped this morning on page 52. There are not enough blanks to insert the answer ‘weathering’, and the inserted t and i are not printed in the correct blanks. Thought you should know. Thanks for all the great info you presented and the way you presented it! It is very honoring to the Creator and satisfying to this creationist believer.

    • kimgjones says:

      Super glad that you like the book Holly! Glad you and your daughters are learning about the Creation Mysteries found at Mt. St. Helens!

      Also, thanks for the observation on p. 52. I have let the publisher know about a few errors found for the next printing of the book. I think I’ll put a bloopers page on my site — LOL!

      Hope you have a wonderful day! Keep learning about our Creator and his wonderful creation!

      Kim Jones (:

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  9. Excited about your upcoming talk for our expo! I was so happy to “meet” you at our last event and now to have you speak for the Creation Expo is right on topic for you! You have many gifts, Kim. Thanks for sharing them with us and our kids.

    • kimgjones says:

      Thanks so much for the encouragement Felice! I’m excited about the Creation Expo! I really appreciate your enthusiasm for writing, homeschooling and Creation! Keep up the great work! (:


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