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77 Questions – Can You Answer Them?

  77 AWESOME QUESTIONS!  The book of job rocks! There are many really interesting things about the book, but I am really hooked on the science found in Job, and I hope you will be too! Did you know?  In … Continue reading

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Does God Speak to Man?

  GOD SPOKE OUT OF A STORM!!! Have you ever been in a crisis situation and really wished that God would just speak to you about the situation? That is exactly what happened to Job!  And — I think it … Continue reading

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Oh Deer! Thanksgiving is Coming!

Oh DEER! Did you say Thanksgiving is coming? “Yes! Thanksgiving is next week.  Don’t worry though –people USUALLY eat turkeys for Thanksgiving!” “I’m SO thankful I’m not a turkey!” “But deer season isn’t over yet!” Happy Thanksgiving to you and … Continue reading

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Diving into Terror

    It was a beautiful day for a picnic!  My friend Penny and I  grabbed some summer fun on a visit to a Texas State Park.  Little did we expect the adventure and terror that would rise from the … Continue reading

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Scripture Memory — Bah Humbug!???

    “I would like to pray Psalms 91 for you,” my friend announced.  “Huh?  Ok -go ahead – fine with me,” I said.  So she did.  It was a beautiful prayer, but I didn’t think much about it – … Continue reading

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