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Mystery Rangers – Journey into Danger: Monster in the Valley

Wild and Wonderful FIELD TRIP Series -  Part 2! Discover amazing and dangerous secrets about Mt. St. Helens as you journey with Mystery Rangers into danger on this FREE virtual field trip! Click here to see part 1…. The Adventures! … Continue reading

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Crazy Cows & Bows & Arrows!

    I’m here to tell ya…  I’m not really a very good COWGIRL…LOL! I was almost home from church today when I spotted the trouble…                    It came in the form of an escaped calf…  Usually, this is not too … Continue reading

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Kayak Fishing Makes You Happy Happy Happy

It’s like a ballet that could drown you – or at the very least – put holes in your fingers for life – dancing on the water with poles, lines, tackle and VERY SHARP HOOKS!  Ouch!   Fishing by kayak … Continue reading

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A Peanut Butter Splash N’ Dash

  It was a two alarm morning…and I missed waking up for both of them!  With lightening speed only seen on TV in superhero movies, I dashed out of bed – when I finally woke up.  I’m almost late!  I’m … Continue reading

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Weird Beetles and Balaam’s Donkey (Dog)

  Weird things have been happening around our house lately!  First there was A Smelly Situation. Then there was The Fire Ant Dance and now weird beetles and Balaam’s donkey (dog). Killer Bees!  This evening I went out to take … Continue reading

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