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Crazy Cows & Bows & Arrows!

    I’m here to tell ya…  I’m not really a very good COWGIRL…LOL! I was almost home from church today when I spotted the trouble…                    It came in the form of an escaped calf…  Usually, this is not too … Continue reading

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A Dinosaur’s Hero – Buddy Davis

    Crawling through caves, slashing through swamps, movie making, song writing, story telling, teacher, artist, author …Sound like Indiana Jones? Even better!  This world traveler and adventurer has experienced REAL adventures and  has lived to tell about them!  His … Continue reading

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Kayaking the Caddo

Last weekend my husband and I went kayaking on the Caddo.  We put our boats in the water in Caddo Lake State Park.  The scenery was awesome! We followed one of the paddling trails that was set up by the … Continue reading

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Fire Ant Fighter! Amazing Help at Last!

  Invasion of the killer fire ants!  We have an ant  invasion inside our house!  OUCH!  If there was an ant 911 I would call it!  See The Fire Ant Dance for the mischief these ants have caused. I cleaned, … Continue reading

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A Peanut Butter Splash N’ Dash

  It was a two alarm morning…and I missed waking up for both of them!  With lightening speed only seen on TV in superhero movies, I dashed out of bed – when I finally woke up.  I’m almost late!  I’m … Continue reading

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