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Grab your hat, and let’s head out to adventure!   From climbing a volcano to diving deep in a dangerous lake, experience the chills and thrills of this action-packed kid’s radio show.  Listen in as the Mystery Rangers journey down the trail to uncover clues in nature about some awe-inspiring mysteries of God’s Creation.

Mystery Rangers Radio Adventures are based on the Mystery Rangers book series. The first book in the series, The Case of the Missing Mountain, centered around Mt.St. Helens, is where the adventures begin.  Recorded with a cast of seven voice actors, the episodes were taped in Main Street Studio in Brownsboro, Texas. The live recorded episodes have the feel and sound of radio theater.

All episodes are family friendly with a rating G, for a general audiences.  The episodes contain no offensive language.  We are still new at this process, so you will probably notice a few bloopers in our show, but we are learning.  We are excited to share the Mt. St. Helens adventures and hope you will really enjoy them!

“During recording the hardest part was trying not to laugh every 30 seconds,” said one of the actresses in a brief interview. “It was work, but we were having a good time with it too.”

“I wrote these episodes to help show kids how exciting and fun it is to learn about God’s Creation,” said script author Kim Jones. “We are new at this and still have lots to learn, but I think kids will have a ‘blast’ listening to the shows!”

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