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I Have a Question

    I have a question…  Why don’t we have these kind of chips in the South? I found these “All Dressed”  chips at a little store in Cascade Locks, Oregon last summer.  They went with me on a two … Continue reading

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A Time for Every Season

  A rustle in the leaves… Was that a snake?  My senses were on alert..I examined the area closely and then was fascinated when I noticed this little guy hanging out by my cabin today. 

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Be a Tournesol!

  A bright yellow explosion captured and held my attention.  This blast of color towering over its neighboring counterparts seemed to explode with joy as its whole being reached for the sky. A Fascinating Explosion!  The French word for sunflower … Continue reading

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Seismic Snacks!

    What kind of seismic activity has your life been through lately?  Have there been quakes and shakes in your life?  Have there been little Seismic Snacks that shake up your day or has there been an all out … Continue reading

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Does God Speak to Man?

  GOD SPOKE OUT OF A STORM!!! Have you ever been in a crisis situation and really wished that God would just speak to you about the situation? That is exactly what happened to Job!  And — I think it … Continue reading

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