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My Kayak SANK in the Swamp

  Spoiler Alert — I was not eaten by alligators! Building our Kayak Fleet — My husband and I love kayaking so much we decided to add to our kayak collection so friends could go kayaking with us.   Friday we … Continue reading

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Kayak Fishing Makes You Happy Happy Happy

It’s like a ballet that could drown you – or at the very least – put holes in your fingers for life – dancing on the water with poles, lines, tackle and VERY SHARP HOOKS!  Ouch!   Fishing by kayak … Continue reading

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Kayaking the Caddo

Last weekend my husband and I went kayaking on the Caddo.  We put our boats in the water in Caddo Lake State Park.  The scenery was awesome! We followed one of the paddling trails that was set up by the … Continue reading

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The Sabine River Creature – Kayaking Adventure

    Continued from “A Chilling Encounter Kayaking the Sabine” Razor Toothed Creatures Camping beside the Sabine River was great… except for one thing  -  mosquitoes – millions of them!   Even the roaring campfire we gathered around was not powerful … Continue reading

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A Chilling Encounter Kayking the Sabine

Continued from “A Mad River Adventure” Breath Taking! Kayaking down the Sabine River was absolutely breathtaking, in more ways than one…  The scenery was awesome – breath taking- and there were definitely times during the day that paddling was breathtaking … Continue reading

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