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4 KIDZ by KIDZ Insider!

An exciting new site is launching today on the nature tour!  It’s called,

Creation Adventures 4 KIDZ by KIDZ!” 

And – YOU KIDS – are the designers of this site!

What’s 4 KIDZ by KIDZ?  It’s a site on “the nature tour” blog which contains rockin’ post by kids for kids.

What are these posts about?  They must all be about Creation.  That’s a huge topic, so it allows you to be very creative.  This is about kids teaching other kids about Creation.

Need ideas for these posts?

* A story you have written about Creation  that will teach other kids.

* A short video — no longer than the two minute range. (It should be published on You Tube or other video site.  I will link back to it).

* Take a picture of artwork — such as paintings, drawings, sketches, chalk art and more.  Then write a little about how they teach about creation.

* Pictures you have taken.

And tons more ideas!

* All work should contain at least one or two sentences about what the post is about.  Of course it can be longer too.

What if the kid is too young to write about his/her own post?  Then – after the kid completes the artwork – then someone else can write a sentence or two about the artwork for them.

How do you become famous on “4 KIDZ by KIDZ?”        (Or – umm – I mean — how do you get to help design the site?)

Here’s the scoop!  To get a post on 4 KIDZ by KIDZ, write a comment on this post, including your email, which will be kept private.  I’ll send you an email on how to get your work on the site.  So watch for an email from Ranger Kim Jones.

Stay tuned for more to come!  I look forward to hearing from you!!!

*I’m putting up a few posts today.  They are still being worked on, and need their teaching sentences, but they are super!

*Important!  Never use your real name in your post!  Make one up for yourself!  Have fun!

Ranger Kim

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