Mystery Rangers Radio Episode 2 ~ Eye Spy Secrets

Episode 2 ~ Mystery of the Vanishing Volcano

Join the Mystery Rangers as they continue their perilous journey up Mt. St. Helens to discover more clues to the treasure. Will the rangers survive the journey to the top of this mysterious mountain?  What clues will they find that will lead them into even more danger?  Don’t miss out on the action and adventure!

** Discover some Eye Spy Secrets of  Radio Episode 2 in The Mystery of the Vanishing Volcano. Check out these real locations and information mentioned in the show.  Click on each site to see if you can uncover the answers to the Eye Spy Questions.



Mt. St. Helens – USGS Picture, 2004

Rock Slide!

Ranger Kim: “Whew!  This is tough climbing!  I’m ready for another break!      (The sound of boulders crashing and rocks rolling)

Kid Reporter: Watch out Ranger Jen! Rock slide!” (Sound of rocks rolling)

Did Ranger Jen survive the rock slide? Check out this link  Hazards to see some of the dangers of climbing this type of mountain.

Eye Spy Question: Explosions in the crater may throw rock fragments above the crater rim. What are these rocks called? (See Hazards for a clue.)


What’s this mountain’s SECRET DANGER?

Clue: “After part of the mountain went for a ride               In the largest ever recorded landslide.                                  It was like shaking up soda and taking off the cap       When the pressure was released there was a huge sideways BLAST!

The blast moved at speeds over 650 miles per hour.           Nothing in its path could withstand its power.                  Continue up this mountain for your next clue.                        Be careful of the snow – and the rocks too!”

Have you figured out what the secret danger in the mountain is yet? Check this link The Mountain’s Devastation for more clues to the mountain’s danger.

Eye Spy Question: What’s the secret danger in the mountain?                                                                                                                                    Mt. St. Helens is a  _ _ _ _ _ _ _. (oonvlca)  Unscramble the word to help solve this mystery.


What did the Mystery Rangers Discover?

Click on  The Secret View for an astounding 360 degree look at what the Mystery Rangers could have seen at the top.  Scroll on the picture to look around! CAREFUL! Don’t get dizzy and fall in!  It’s a LONG way down!

Eye Spy Question: Click on  A window into the past.  Compare the two views.  What’s the main difference that you see?


* Note: The Mystery Rangers Radio Adventures is a fictional show. However, the places they visit and the mysteries they uncover are real.

* Mystery Rangers Radio Adventures is based on The Case of the Missing Mountain by Kim Jones – an interactive activity mystery written to teach children about some amazing evidences of Creation found at Mt. St. Helens.

About Kimberly Guthrie

Kimberly Guthrie loves adventures in the outdoors. National Park Ranger, Outdoor instructor, curriculum writer, teacher and guide at Mount St. Helens’ Seven Wonders Museum are some of her life adventures. Kim continues to write and teach about the outdoors. Currently, she serves as outdoor education consultant for Allaso Ranch near Hawkins, Texas. Kim holds a bachelor of science degree in elementary education from University of Central Arkansas and a masters degree in Curriculum and Instruction from Northern Illinois University.
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