Flight Down the Columbia Gorge – An Explosive Situation!


Before the flight

Before the flight

Touch down!!!!  That is what I REALLY wanted on my latest adventure!  And it was not a touch down in football…

A dream come true is what started this adventure!  Some awesome friends with Creation Encounters offered to take me up in a small plane for a flight over the “Columbia River Gorge.”  Wow!  I could barely catch my breath I was so excited!

Just a small catch — The only small “catch” in this flight plan was that we had to be sure to fly around the rain storm headed our way.  This also meant that the flight would be “a little bumpy.”

Spectacular Views — The plane soared over the river.   We flew over Crown Point and multiple waterfalls, including Multnomah Falls.  The views were spectacular and breath taking.

Meanwhile, to top off this awesome adventure — I had a fantastic tour guide – Marianne Pike of Creation Encounters.   She taught me about the geology of the gorge as we flew by the steep cliffs that towered above us — we were flying at 1,600 feet above the river – yet these cliffs were even higher than that!  You just couldn’t ask for a better adventure!!

A little roller coaster –  The ride over the river was not very turbulent.  However, we needed a closer look at the towering cliffs around us.  As the plan approached the cliffs, the plane went on what I could describe as a mini-roller coaster ride.  There were no tremendous drops — but there was a LOT of turbulence.  The cliffs were generating their own weather system.  What a ride!

An Explosive Situation — Even though the flight was turbulent,  it was super fun.  In fact, the turbulence added to the adventure.  I was enjoying the flight tremendously — however — one part of me disagreed with this super adventure…  My stomach developed a mind of its own, and well — I won’t describe the next events on the flight — except to say that it was a rather “explosive situation.”

Super Heroes!  Much to Marianne Pike’s credit — she comforted me – while my stomach was protesting… She and her family are my new Super Heroes!

I learned a few things from this adventure –

1. Don’t eat at least a day before you go flying…

2. I want to go flying again…

3. Next time I will  just strap the air sick bag to my face to start with ….

Thanks for the adventure Creation Encounters!  It was a fantastic one that I will not forget — and ummm — I guess you won’t either….

Get in on this action!  Check out  this Creation Explorers: Tracking the Flood  video trailer for a new movie produced by Pike Pictures.

Stay tuned for more adventures… :)

plane before


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A Blast into the Past! A tale of Adventuring to Mt. St. Helens

A BLAST INTO THE PAST!  I would like to feature guest blogger — Shea Mackinnon in this post.  Read about her story of visiting Mt. St. Helens in 1982, two years after the eruption in 1980.  You will be amazed at Shea’s bravery and sense of adventure.  I would love to read more Mt. St. Helen’s stories and feature them here.  If you have a story about Mt. St. Helens you would like to submit for, “A Blast into the Past,” to be published on this blog, place you comment on this post with your email address (It will be kept private). I look forward to reading your stories!  For now, buckle your seat belts and take a…

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In 1982, I took a very long camping vacation – almost a year.  I packed my VW Beetle front trunk with:   1 duffle bag summer clothes, 1 duffle bag winter clothes, a tent, sleeping bag, Continue reading

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Volcanic Eruption of Fun by these Kids!



Last Sunday — on Easter — there was an eruption of  creativity that triggered a real “blast” of  fun!   These superhero kids used their super powers and created some Super Volcanic Easter Eggs!  Check out the cool pics these superheros sent in, and see the link at the end for directions on how to create these “Egg-citing Egg- speriments!”

Volcano Eggs 1Comment by one of the superheroes….. “He is Risen indeed, best Easter ever! And we now can color eggs no other plain ole boring way again!” Continue reading

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My Kayak SANK in the Swamp


Capsized Kayak SmallSpoiler Alert — I was not eaten by alligators!

Building our Kayak Fleet — My husband and I love kayaking so much we decided to add to our kayak collection so friends could go kayaking with us.   Friday we came across a great deal on a used Pelican sit on top kayak, so we bought it.  We tried it out briefly on a calm lake, and it was ok…. so we headed down to Caddo River for more fun with it the next day…

Kayaking Up River with Problems — It was a beautiful day on the Caddo!  The river current was pretty strong as we paddled upstream to calmer water.  I had a hard time with the boat as it was not tracking well (going in a straight line.)  Whew!

When we finally made it to the calmer waters of the kayak trail I was pretty tired.  My husband in his kayak was barely breaking a sweat.  Our new kayak was proving much more difficult to paddle than our Old Town Kayaks.  (I was ready to sale the Pelican then.)

Sinking in the Swamp!  We glided calmly through the majestic Cypress Swamp.  It was beautiful!  All was wonderful until Continue reading

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Have a Blast! Explosive Fun for Kids!

Mentos smallAction Packed Adventure!

Kids ages 9-13, grab you hats and boots and prepare for an adventure into a land of mystery, danger and discovery!   Join Mystery Ranger Guide and Author – Kim Jones,  in an action packed journey to uncover clues, solve mysteries, play games, create, explore and have a real blast!  This is an adventure you don’t want to miss!

The Mysteries…

What caused a big chunk of Mt. St. Helens to vanish?  How could ice and snow EXPLODE?  What secrets does a cliff near Mt. St. Helens hide? Discover the shocking truths these mysteries reveal and more in these explosively fun and exciting camps that reveal some amazing young earth creation wonders.

Sneak Peak… Continue reading

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